Polls & Quizzes

Socrative - Create quizzes in this student response system to promote student engagement and drive classroom instruction. 

Poll Everywhere -  Create polls and receive live feedback using any mobile device or computer.

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Mentimeter - Engage students through questions and polls during class to gauge student understanding in real time using any web enabled device.

Quizlet - Create your own online flashcards or study from flashcard sets created by others.  Share your cards with others and play study games to help you learn.

Quizlet Live - Create a fast paced collaborative game to review with your students based on Quizlet decks you have created.
Kahoot! - Create quizzes that include video, pictures, and text.  Students join the room and answer questions in real time and play against each other aiming to beat the class leader.

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EdPuzzle - Use video to engage students by inserting questions, thoughts and teacher voice.  

GoSoapBox - Engage students with a multi-faceted web tool that includes: confusion baromter, instant polling, pre-made polling, quizzing, discussions, and social Q&A.

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Formative - Create assessments from scratch or upload a pre-made document and add a variety of formative assessment questions, links, or YouTube videos. Students can write digitally using a stylus or by using the touch screen to respond while the teacher monitors responses and provides feedback.