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Guiding Framework

International Society for Technology in Education Standards

The ISTE Standards are a pillar in Park Hill's overarching framework for technology integration. Designed for teachers, students, and administrators alike, these standards describe the skills students need to be successful in the 21st century world.  ISTE developed the ISTE Standards (formerly known as the NETS) with input from the field and pioneered their use among educators. The ISTE standards are the standards for learning, teaching and leading in the digital age and are widely recognized and adopted worldwide. The Family of ISTE Standards work together to transform education. These standards are not taught alone or independently but integrated seamlessly into existing curriculum and standards at all academic levels K-12 in the Park Hill School District. 

ISTE Standards for Students (ISTE Standards-S)
: The standards for evaluating the skills and knowledge students need to learn effectively and live productively in an increasingly digital world. 

ISTE Standards for Teachers (ISTE Standards-T)
: The standards for evaluating the skills and knowledge educators need to teach, work and learn in an increasingly connected global and digital society. 

ISTE Standards for Administrators (ISTE Standards-A): The standards for evaluating the skills and knowledge school administrators and leaders need to support digital age learning, implement technology and transform the instruction landscape.