Student Resources

Welcome to the student resource area for Online Learning in Park Hill! This area is provided as a resource for students taking online-blended courses. Listed below is some basic information all online students should have. Additional links have been provided to the left.

 outlook webmail
Students are expected to use the district provided email for all communication. It is highly recommended that you log into the district Outlook Web App
to check for any emails and to clear out any unneeded emails.

 schoology icon Students will use the course management system Schoology for online content. In Schoology, students will access the course announcements, syllabus, course content, collaborative activities, and required tasks. Students are expected to log in daily during the semester, as this is the online mode for attending class.

Students are required to meet with his/her instructor at least six times during the semester. The first meeting will be the orientation to the course. The following meeting dates will be provided during the first week of the course. All finals and required state exams will be given in a proctored, face-to-face setting.