Online-Blended Courses

Learning Online in Park Hill:


Park Hill School District offers high school students a number of online-blended learning courses in order to prepare students for future learning beyond high school and to provide flexibility in students’ schedules. It is now required that all Park Hill students take at least one of these courses before graduation. Students will meet on campus for a course orientation, select face-to-face instructional time, and for required exams.

All online-blended courses are offered through Brightspace by Desire2Learn, the district provided course management system, with 24 hour access through the Internet. Students enrolled in an online-blended course will need access to a digital device with an Internet connection. When a student needs specific software to complete course work, the district provides access to programs through Remote Desktop. Students with limited access to a computer may be scheduled in a lab setting to work on course requirements.


What is an Online-Blended Course?


An online-blended course is a course where the majority of the instruction takes place online. Students are required to attend some face-to-face meetings with the instructor. The amount of face-to-face time will vary based on the course. Generally, teachers will meet with students about six times a semester. Face-to-face meetings will be communicated by the instructor at the beginning of the semester.

All online-blended courses are taught by certified teachers and meet the same national, state, and district standards as other Park Hill course offerings. During the course, teachers communicate with students using Park Hill student email, phone, and collaborative tools within the course management system. Students may take the course during regular school hours or remotely from home. Courses taken remotely must be scheduled in appropriate blocks; transportation is the responsibility of the student/parent.

Student on her phone