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A few years ago, the Park Hill School District decided to integrate Google Apps for Education. This robust suite of digital collaboration tools is always evolving and changing to incorporate new tools and resources. In short, students are able to share documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and more in a way that allows for real-time editing. This can be a real game changer as it allows students to collaborate across classrooms, buildings, states, and even nations. It easily breaks down the walls of the traditional brick-and-mortar classroom to extend learning beyond the confines of the physical school building and traditional learning hours.  

To learn about Google Apps for Education, click here.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a feature of Google Apps for Education designed to help save time and keep teachers and students organized in Google Drive.

Google Classroom makes it EASY to:

  • Create & Manage Classes & Folders 
  • Create Folders for Individual Assignments
  • Automatically Make a Copy of a Google Document for each student
  • Quickly See Who Has Not Completed an Assignment
  • Provide Feedback on Student Work