Creation & Digital Publishing

 use Haiku Deck (opens in new window)
Haiku Deck - Create digital presentations that focuses on images.  Haiku Deck provides users with thirty-five million free images and six themes. 

 use PowToon (opens in new window)
PowToon - Create animated presentations that are visually engaging, creative, and colorful. 

Sutori Logo
Sutori - Login with your Google account to create timelines that includes text and various types of multimedia.
use Story Jumper (opens in new window)

StoryJumper - Create digital storybooks that can be shared. Featured Blog Post.

 use StoryBird (opens in new window)  
StoryBird - Create digital stories with free artwork from artists and animators from around  the world that can be shared.

 use Little Bird Tales (opens in new window)
Little Bird Tales - Create digital stories with drawings, text, and imported images. Great for  younger students.

 use Canva (opens in new window) Canva - Create beautiful web and print publications without any graphic design skills.  Use the beautiful free images & templates or upload your own.  
use MadMagz (opens in new window)
MadMagz - Create online magazines with flip pages that can be shared. 

use LucidPress (opens in new window)
LucidPress -Use your Google account to collaborate and create an online magazine. Search Google images within LucidPress and share with a link.
use NearPod (opens in new window)
NearPod - Create presentations that interact with your audience. 

 use SMORE (opens in new window)  
SMORE - Create digital flyers that include text, video, images, and links. Featured Blog Post.

use Animoto (opens in new window)  
Animoto - Turn photos and video clips into movies with music.

 use Wordle (opens in new window)  
Wordle - Create colorful word clouds based on text you provide.

use Sound Cloud (opens in new window)
SoundCloud - Create or upload audio files that can be shared through a link. Sign-up with a Google account.

  Vocaroo - Quickly create audio recordings up to 15 minutes and then share with a link.
use Audio Boom (opens in new window)
Audio Boom - Create or upload audio files that are connected with images. Share with others. 
use Foto Babble (opens in new window)
Fotobabble -  Add audio to photos and share with others.  
use Audiotool (opens in new window)
Audiotool - Create and mix audio for free to share with others. 
use WeVideo (opens in new window)
WeVideo - Create videos with pictures, video, & music.  Share videos with a link or on YouTube.

use Magisto (opens in new window) 
Magisto - Create a professional looking movie by uploading pictures or videos and adding a theme and music. Share with others through social media or a link.

 use ThingLink (opens in new window)  
ThingLink - Create interactive images that tell a story through "tags." These tags can be text, video, audio (through SoundCloud), or links to websites. Featured Blog Post.

use VoiceThread (opens in new window)

VoiceThread - Create a digital story through pictures and videos.  Share the link and allow others to view and comment.

use Easel (opens in new window) - Create and share infographics for free

 use Infogram (opens in new window) - Create online infographics and interactive charts for free.
use Piktochart (opens in new window)
Piktochart - Create beautiful online inforgraphics to share data and information with an easy to use editor.
  MySimpleShow - Create quick explainer videos to share with others.
  use Biteable (opens in new window) Biteable -- Create a video for free.  Great for explainer videos, presentations, infographics, etc.