ExamView (5th-12th)

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ExamView assessments are able to be administered to students via: Schoology, All In Learning (HS only), SMART VE or paper.

2014 ExamView® Learning Series Test Banks (Core Classes Only)
A collection of unique, high-quality assessment questions specifically aligned to Missouri State standards, Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics, and core courses. ExamView® Learning Series test banks can be used to produce assessments with ExamView Test Generator program. These test banks allow teachers to simulate questions commonly found on states' high-stakes assessments and to supplement standards-based instruction.  
 Setting Up ExamView Folders  Accessing 2014 ExamView Test Banks (PDF)
 Copying 2014 ExamView Test Banks  Creating Assessments with ExamView (PDF)
 Creating ExamView Assesessments with Test Banks
 Word to ExamView Import Utility (PDF)
 Importing an ExamView Test into All In Learning  Social Studies Assessment RTF Example (PDF)
 Importing an ExamView Test into Schoology (Coming Soon)