Hoonuit (Atomic Learning)

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It's never been easier to learn to integrate technology into the classroom. Park Hill has partnered with Hoonuit (previously Atomic Learning) to provide the highest quality technology training resources available.

Atomic Learning resources offer all teachers and staff the opportunity to access technology-focused professional development resources 24 hours a day, seven days a week--ensuring you have the answers you and your students need, exactly when and where you need them.

Ready to get started?
Simply click the graphic above to begin.  If you are not logged into the Park Hill network you will be prompted to do so before you may begin. You may also access the site through the district portal by and then clicking on the Atomic Learning icon to launch the program.

 download Resource List (PDF)

View the updated list (PDF) of Classroom Resources for Effective Technology Integration.
 download 21st Century Skills Projects and Technology Integration Projects (PDF)

21st Century Skills Projects and Technology Integration Projects (PDF) contain everything you will need to create a fun and interesting technology project! The example projects demonstrated in the tutorial movies can be easily modified to fits most any topic or grade level. Ideas for adapting or extending the example projects are given in the Project Activity Guide that is available in the downloadable resource packet for each project.
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Do you want to make a suggestion to Atomic Learning on what you would like to see the program to provide? Browse other user's ideas and register for an account to leave your own ideas.