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When you create a new course you can copy all of your Grading Categories, Grading Scales and Rubrics from your archived course from this school year into your new course for next school year. Once your current course is archived and you have created your new course, you can pull your archived grade setup into your new course:

  1. Click Courses in the top menu.

  2. Select See All in the lower-right corner of your Courses drop-down menu.

  3. Click Archived (if after Jan. 5th)

  4. Select the course that contains the grade setup information you want to copy.

  5. Click Gradebook in the left menu of the archived course.

  6. Click Grade Setup.

  7. Click Copy Settings in the upper-right corner of the Grade Setup screen.

  1. Select the settings to copy.

  2. Select your new course in the Select Course(s) list as the destination course.

Click Copy to add the grade settings from your archived course to your new one.  


1. Click the gear icon to the right of each item or folder to copy

2. Copy to Course and choose the course and/or folder to copy materials to

3. Repeat process for all materials and folders in course



  1. While you are able to link sections at any point once the permission is enabled, we recommend that you only link sections at the beginning of a school year. When you begin linking sessions together, the master section is the one that you link other sections to. Those that get linked will set aside any existing materials, grade settings, and data. The linked sections then replace any existing materials and grade setup with that of the master section.

  2. If you need to unlink your linked sections at any point during the school year, be aware that if you separate two linked sections, only the master section retains the materials, setup, grades, and data. Scroll down to Unlinking Sections for additional information. 
    Note: When you link or unlink sections, as a safeguard against losing grade data for child sections, you are prompted to download a spreadsheet file containing all the grade data for child sections. See the "Gradebook File Download when Linking or Unlinking Sections" instructions below for details.
  3. In order to link your sections:


If you are a course admin who has the Link sections permission enabled by your system admin, and your sections meet the prerequisites outlined above, you can link your existing sections together by following these steps.

There are three different ways to create linked sections. 

  1. Click your Courses drop-down menu and and select See All

    Steps 2-7 demonstrated in .gif above:

  2. In your list of courses, click the gear icon to the right of the section you consider to be the "master section". If you have materials in both courses, the "master section" is the one that holds the materials and grades you would like to continue to use between the two sections. 

  3. Select Link Existing Sections from the dropddown.

  4. Select the section(s) to link and click Next.

  5. As a safeguard against losing grade data for child sections, you must select to download a grade export file for each section being linked. 

  6. Select the file type to download:

  7. Click Download and Next.

  8. Click Link Sections.

  9. A warning message displays: 

    "You are about to link the following sections to [Section Name]. Note: Materials from these sections will not be copied into [Section Name]. Once complete, the sections will share grade setups, materials, and the profile of the destination section, however, member enrollments will still belong to their respective sections." 

    This means that the section for which you clicked the gear icon will be the master section–the linked sections will now all have access to and use the materials in that master section. This includes Course Materials and items in your Grade Setup (such as Grading Categories, Rubrics, etc). However, the original rosters of students when the sections were separate will remain the same after you link the sections.

  10. Click Link Sections. 

Note: In order to link your sections:

If any of these prerequisites are not met, the other section(s) will be grayed out. If you hover your mouse over the grayed-out section, you will see a tooltip explaining the cause of the issue.



To access course after the grading period has ended:

  1. Click Courses in the top menu.

  2. Select See All in the bottom-right corner of the drop-down menu.

  3. Select Archived to see a complete list of archived courses sorted by grading period

Note: Archived courses do not expire. If the grading period has passed,you can leave the course Archived and still retain access to the Course – including the materials, gradebook, and Members page.